The Official Coin Of

The official coin

Some info about the coin

To make bigger and better,
We are launching our own official coin.

Cheap enough for anyone to take part on it!

Other than the nice blockreward of 50 coins
This coin is also a Profit Share Coin

On good paydays, will buy back coins from the market
for whatever price they are offered.
Some of the bought coins will be sent to a burn wallet.

Later on a Profit Share System + a fair buyback system will be added


Ticker: I'm not sure yet

Masternode Collateral: 100 000 Coins

Blocktime: 3 Minutes

Block Reward: 50 Coins

Reward Distribution: 70/30 MN/DPoS

35 Coins to MasterNode & 15 Coins DPos

Premine Distribution

90 000 000 Coins for Promotions + Faucet & Raffle Rewards

90 000 000 Coins For bounties & Services

20 000 000 Coins For Developer Funds

800 000 000 For Sale!

Presale Offer

The first 100 Masternodes will be sold for 0.02BTC each (20 Satoshi per coin)

The next 100 Masternodes will be sold for 0.03BTC each (30 Satoshi per coin)

After Masternode no 200 is sold, The price is 40 Satoshi per coin

1 Masternode is 100 000 Coins

1 billion coins?? Thats alot of coins!

To make it possible to sell you coins for 20-50 satoshi each, we need alot of coins to get the required funding.

We dont expect to sell all the coins, but the more we sell the better your investment will turn out.

All unsold coins will be burned!

To join the presale

Click The Link Below