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Get Paid To Play Minecraft

Yes, thats right! Build stuff and receive Elite Coins in return!

Elite Coin has finally got a new Minecraft Server up and running.
And is in need of builders to create the
Elite World.

To help the community grow a successful server with lots of stuff going on.
Crypto4Free.com is hiring builders!

You will receive a plot next to a pile of other plots.
The plan is to build a city with all needed services and buildings.
For every building you complete, you get paid in Elite Coin

What we need

Apartments and office buildings
Docks with at least one cargoship
Subway system
Convenience stores & entertainment
Road system
A large beachfront

And the list goes on forever…

We will have plenty of other projects as the server gets developed further

Payments will be from 2000 Elite Coins per completed contract.

And yes… There will be large contracts showing up, worth hundreds of thousands Elite Coins.

Lets just get that builders team up and running first.

Check Out The Server While You Wait For More Info!